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Take English classes with a Native Speaker to boost your business conversations!

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Johnny Ilca - Your teacher

Achieve Conversational Fluency < 3 months

The student will be able to have a one to one conversation at a normal speaking pace with a native speaker, understanding 90% of what they hear and being easily understood by the person they are talking with.


You have an hour-long conversation with a native speaker. I will encourage you along and gently correct your mistakes.

Build confidence

Your English doesn’t have to be perfect from the start. I will help you observe and move past your mistakes for a fluent discussion.

Get practical experience

Through constant practice, you will gradually get confidence in your speaking and slowly but surely get better!


Johnny’s approach to teaching doesn’t even look like teaching, it looks like a real life situation! This teaching style helps students who are at least an intermediate level and want to take their spoken English to the next level. Business professionals, IT specialists, entrepreneurs, and any knowledge workers will benefit from his service.
Possessing fearless cold calling skills and unparalleled problem solving skills, Johnny has contagious drive for personal growth. He makes an entire team stronger with his natural leadership ability and competitiveness. I highly recommend Johnny as either a cornerstone to a new team or as a spark plug to a veteran squad.
Cody Frank
Director @Sunroom
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I proudly use LessonSpeak curriculum

Every lesson is created with care to cover a wide range of topics that might pop up in a casual or business conversation.

Before I start working with a new client, I always give them a sample lesson to help them get the feel of how I teach. Sign up below!

"Spoken English is like having a driver’s license in business.
It is absolutely essential nowadays"