Master Spoken English

Learn Spoken English with a Native

Conversational Fluency **


less than 3 months

** student will be able to have a one to one conversation at a normal speaking pace with a native speaker, understanding 90% of what they hear and being easily understood by the person they are talking with.

Meet your teacher – Johnny

“Language is a means of communication. It’s a way to get to know new people and new cultures.”

-Benny Lewis

1 hour lessons

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Just after purchasing more lessons, I asked Ionut a few questions about how I teach, what he likes about it, and who these lessons are best for.

Who am I?

I grew up speaking English in Phoenix, Arizona. I have a standard American English accent. I teach upper Beginner (A2) English or higher. Each session has a selection of activities and will last approximately 45 minutes total.

I will be asking my clients to read, answer, and hold a conversation. I will cut them off where needed for corrections.


  • Microphone/headset
  • Computer
  • Stable internet connection
  • 30 minute assessment

What I provide:

  • 1 hour meeting
    • 45 minutes of live conversational practice
    • 15 minutes feedback, discussion, logistics


  • Payment required upon full session reservation
  • Lateness: If the client is late 15 minutes or more, they are considered absent and the meeting may be dismissed.
  • Full terms and conditions can be found here.


 I proudly use LessonSpeak curriculum



Take lessons with Johnny

Excerpt from my personal journal; November 2nd, 2018:

Theory of Smooth Communication

There is an art to communication. Conversing through the use of language and employing this art demonstrates a form of expression. Being able to do so is extremely difficult and many people can only hope of achieving this. Fortunately, I have plenty of experience and I know how to pass it down to others. On top of that, I am also willing and able to pass this knowledge down to others.”