This post is for all of you that look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them I left the United States for Romania.


When we really think about it, we don’t have a lot of meaningful time here on Earth. To make better use of my time, I’ve been slowly changing my lifestyle to take full advantage of my available time. How so? Please read on…

Here is a little visual from Wait But Why that spurred me to make this post:



Wait, but that’s not right! That tiny little sliver of blue represents our free time to do what we want in life. However, I notice that there are some things placed in other categories that COULD ALSO  be placed in the blue slice… Let’s take another look.

The two most notable activities that are not included in the blue slice are…

Exercising and career (aka how you make money)!


But first, let’s talk about hobbies. Hobbies include things you enjoy doing, right? This can include anything from playing the guitar, making paper airplanes, making Youtube videos, photography, snowboarding, etc…

Wait, but snowboarding is not just a hobby, it’s also exercise! Precisely.

Hobbies that include exercise:

If there are hobbies that also bring exercise, are there hobbies that also bring in money? Of course!

Hobbies where there is potential to make money:


How does this all relate? Life is not so simple that you can just put it on a pie chart. What you do in life can fulfill several purposes. If you can cleverly distribute your time and your lifestyle, your time will double-dip in several categories. This will essentially free up more of your time to do more things… Here is one example of something I did:


I moved to a city where I don’t need a car



Notice that if you walk instead of using a car, you also get the added benefit of getting some EXERCISE?!?!

Sure, I’m not getting swole but exercise is exercise. I used to have a Fitbit to help track my steps to ensure that I get enough exercise. My Fitbit became a symbol of an unhealthy lifestyle. I quickly noticed that I wasn’t walking much and in relation, I wasn’t getting much exercise. We have two feet for a reason, and it’s kind of sad to think that many of us don’t even use them.

What caused me to make this change:
I honestly didn’t think much about a significant change in lifestyle until I started having back problems. One day it got so bad that I literally couldn’t work. That’s when I realized my life needs to change. Looking back, I consider this a blessing. If I would have never had this back pain, I would have never changed my life to be more healthier. Why should I? I was comfortable, just like that vast majority of people that I come across.

So I thought to myself, how can I be more healthier?

First thing’s first, I must minimize the amount of time that I spend sitting down and replace it with not sitting down. Driving a lot is unhealthy, I need to stop driving so much. To do that, I needed to move to a WALKABLE city. There’s not many of those in the United States with a reasonable cost of living, so I moved to Europe.


The time I now spend commuting is also spent exercising


But to do this, I had to make a lot of sacrifices. I’m lucky enough to be in a position where I can make this significant change in lifestyle but I know that many people can’t.

My next goal is to replace all the time spent on “career” with income-generating hobbies.

Finally, a short video that explains how the cities in the US developed differently and why it’s difficult to find walkable cities. Something I learned from this video was that poor people usually live closer to the city center in the US whereas rich people tend to live closer to the city center in European cities.


Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post! Leave a comment, I would love to hear your opinions 🙂


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