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Knowledgeable and Helpful

I needed help creating a chart with several data sets. He didn’t create the graph for me, rather he guided me through the process which helped me learn different formulas. The chart was a little complex but he was determined to find the best way to present the information. I went above and beyond this assignment and I am happy with the results (so is my professor). I hope to work with him again for Excel homework and projects. Ioan is professional but also chill.

Jade, 1 lesson with Ioan

Knowledgeable Tutor

Ion helped me figured a very complex course this semester: Supply Chain Management. The way he explained things to me surpassed the way that my professor does, and I am very happy that I found Ion on Wyzant because I would have dropped the class otherwise.

Fredericka, 3 lessons with Ioan

Extremely knowledgable and patient

Johnny goes above and beyond the call of duty for his students. He’ll talk the problem out with you, do it with you and then resolve any confusions you might have. I highly recommend him for any supply chain or Excel assignment work.

David, 5 lessons with Ioan

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