Transylvanian Coliving & My Next Steps

One day, I will be better prepared for being a part of a bigger coliving space. In order to do so, I must leave behind TCL. I will expand my portfolio of coliving management and pave the way for something that I firmly believe will become the future of a big part of a bigger solution to helping people live better lives. 

It’s time for me to move on to bigger and better things. Even if I had the money, I wouldn’t invest in a space and create a bigger coliving space without being exposed to more of the coliving world. I need to study the market before I commit resources. When the day comes, people will no doubt see how I did my due diligence and will be begging me to help them. 

Part of the due diligence that I did on my part was outsourcing the management of TCL. I started TCL with the intention of outsourcing it but I surely did not expect it to take as long as it did. To be honest, I got comfortable for too long. After a few mishaps (as per usual), I decided to continue running TCL from afar with the help of an on-site apprentice (co-host). This particular co-host is also a digital nomad and is well-suited to take on the responsibilities. 

Since I managed to outsource this responsibility, I am now available to provide these responsibilities elsewhere.

Are you a coliving operator looking to outsource on-site management for the next few months?

I won’t be on the market for long so don’t hesitate to message me 🙂

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