Can you really make money teaching English online?

Worst-case scenario, it’s a good hobby. Best case?

If there are hobbies that also bring exercise, are there hobbies that also bring in money? Of course!

Hobbies where there is potential to make money:

Diving Instructor
Sky Diving Instructor
Self-Defense Instructor
Snowboarding Instructor

How does this all relate? Life is not so simple that you can just put it on a pie chart. What you do in life can fulfill several purposes. If you can cleverly distribute your time and your lifestyle, your time will double-dip in several categories. This will essentially free up more of your time to do more things…

In this case, we can say that the hobby I chose was talking to people. At the end of the day, there is still immense value in the act of having a chat organized in such a way. Many online teachers with regulars would understand. This is one of the reasons I chose to continue pursuing freelance English rather than doing it through a company. You develop unique relationships and your tribe expands beyond your local area. 

The Value in Networking

If you were to go to your local barber, you may be surprised to find that they are very knowledgeable on what is going on based on their clientele. They have a big network. Through the career path of an online English teacher, my life has been positively influenced in many ways. I’ve collaborated with my clients on all sorts of unique projects and I’ve even made some long-term commitments. I often prefer to take on clients from around the world. I find it interesting to ask them about what the world is like in their neighborhood. For example, a client in China has been more than eager to tell me all about his experience in Beijing during the whole coronavirus fiasco.

Mental strength conditioning & training

You exercise many skills in the art of teaching, more than you’d expect. There is a saying, “if you don’t use it, you lose it.” Since teaching exercises many skills, you will know that you’re maintaining a large range of skill sets. You will achieve proficiency and maintain a wide range of skills. Teaching requires one to expend energy in some sort of mental capacity. Teachers must treat their mind like a muscle and be very wary of when it may tire out. After all, you may want to save some of that energy for other projects that you may be working on. For this reason, I have sought to counterbalance it by finding other side-hustles where I can work more with my hands. For a long while, that was managing a small coliving space. Now, I ride my bike. 

For Honor & Respect…?

To put it simply, teaching has high potential to bring honor and respect. It’s nice to know that you’re helping someone speak better. When you tell people that you teach, they just look at you differently. Take it for what it is. The title is mine, even though I do it for less than part-time. Aside from what others think, it brings some sort of intrinsic satisfaction. Some people take it too far though.

Worst-case scenario, a good hobby

At the end of the day, you’re exposing yourself to people who want to improve themselves. There is a high potential of you positively benefiting from such relationships. I’ve personally always enjoyed meeting people but I don’t like wasting my time on certain types of people. I asked myself, “If I were to increase the likelihood of a stranger to be “of quality”, how would I go about achieving this?” 

I’m always surprised

Over time, the LessonSpeak curriculum provides opportunities to get to know more about the student. You learn about people close to them, their hobbies, their values in life… It can get really deep. I came to the conclusion that people like to have deep conversations but don’t have someone to reliably do it with. You are the conduit that they channel that energy through. It can be strange at times. 

It fulfills many purposes

Sales is a skill that requires one to maintain, as any muscle. Every once in a while, I have to flex those muscles. Actually, I have to flex many other muscles and thus I am not exposed to as much muscular atrophy. It’s a hobby with potential to make money. It exercises many mental muscles and has many other positive side-effects.  

Do you also want to teach like I do?

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I created LessonSpeak to help other people get these same benefits. Check it out.

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