Am I delivering enough value?

Where am I adding value? Let’s take a look at my activities and assess the value added to society. 

Based on my perspective of the 26 years on this planet, I’ve narrowed it down to 4 core problems. 

Problems of today

  • Lack of social connection(s)
  • Diminished attention spans
  • Lack of value on self development
  • Lack of critical thinking

Below are my projects aimed at providing solutions to these issues:

  • Transylvanian Coliving
  • 30 Second Board Games
  • Mating Call
  • Teaching English

Now let’s put each problem into my main activities. 

Transylvanian Coliving

This project by far brings the most added value (horizontal). Not only does it lower my cost of living, but it provides value by developing new social connections and forcing me to constantly learn and develop as a person. Not only is this value shared but it is created only when there are a group of people actively participating in the project. 

30 Second Board Games

This is a collaborative project aimed at establishing a board game brand. Board games forces one to think critically and this channel provides added value (horizontal) by creating more exposure to board games as a solution.

Mating Call

This project is aimed at connecting people on a new medium, providing unique (vertical & horizontal) added value. 

Teaching English

This is my preferred method of trading time for money. This provides unique added value (vertical) mostly to the beneficiary. Putting at least 45 minutes asideto learn English exercises the beneficiary’s attention span, self development, and critical thinking skills. Although this brings immense added value to the beneficiary, it brings very little added value to the supplier (me). This difference in value-added to the individual necessitates the exchange of another form of value, usually money. Building an online community with content might enable the ability to deliver value (horizontal) to new people.


Horizontal vs Vertical value

Horizontal value is delivering a currently established form of value to new people. Vertical value is creating new and unique value in a field, usually by becoming an expert. 


Conclusion and thoughts

Although I’ve managed to establish these solutions, they have not yet broken through their respective markets. This will require more time, which is money. Unfortunately, this is my bottleneck and it will force me to put some of these projects on pause. 

My solution to this issue is to trade more of my time for money. Although that’s what most people probably do to fix this bottleneck, I would much rather prefer I spend my time focusing on these projects that I feel will make some sort of positive impact on the world.

Clearly, I’ve spent time developing these solutions and it would be a shame to let them go. I want to continue focusing my time on these projects. If you believe in what I’m doing, you should support me.